Take 3 Talk at OSCON

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 7.10.08 PMI was invited by SocialCoding4Good to speak at OSCON (open source convention) about my Take 3 project last week in Portland!  SocialCoding4Good is an organization trying to match up employees of technology companies with volunteer opportunities to utilize their tech skills for social good.  It turns out that VMware was one of their pilot corporate partners and my Take 3 project was the first of it’s kind!

One of the things I discovered working with Mifos is that technology has finally become cheap enough to be accessible to the poor.  There are many people in the developing world living with no toilets, but they have a smartphone.  What an opportune time it is to tap tech talent for the social good – hence the creation of “SocialCoding4Good.”

But my personal experience also taught me that many opportunities are biased towards developers, perhaps because nonprofits need help first and foremost with the code, whereas they might see design and other “non-code” skills as icing on the cake.  But there are opportunities for all kinds of technical skills in these tech nonprofits – from developers to UX design, tech writing, and program management.  There is so much tech talent now in the world and people want to get involved.  Check out SocialCoding4Good for how you can help!


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